Do you still manage the attendance records and prepare timetable manually? Most of you would say a NO because, with the technology evolution, a majority of the schools have switched to school management software to experience a better way of carrying out school tasks. Receiving quicker, better, and accurate results in a budget-friendly manner, what else do you expect from the technology.

Whether it is the fee management library, examination, data records, transportation, or any other module, implementing a school management software has made every process easy and quick.

Integrations in school ERP software

No doubt, school management system have automated the complete schooling and has transformed all the operations carried out in the school. Still, schools expect a bit more from the present features and modules of a school management software. This is where integrations make an entry. Some might ask for transport tracking, while some would ask for email integration.

Implementing these integrations will not only benefit the school administration, but also benefits the students, staff, and the parents too. So, it's high time that we know the top integrations which are expected in an ideal School ERP software. Here is a list of top integrations which must be introduced in the school ERP software.

  • Biometric Integration: Biometric or RFID integration has become a necessity for schools these days. Having a school management software which doesn't integrate with your biometric attendance system is just useless. Integrating it with your SchoolERP system automatically puts the entries in the system and reduces your burden to manage the attendance records.
  • SMS Integration: As the school administration needs to send SMS alerts regarding fee submission dates, and other necessary information to the parents, it becomes necessary to integrate your SMS system to the school ERP system too. It will help in automatically sending the alerts to the parents regarding the school updates and other details.
  • Barcode Integration: Having a barcode integration in school might seem pointless to you. But having a barcode integration helps you track the flow of inventory including the library books details and other stationary stock. This lets you track the status of the books and maintain accurate records in future.
  • Online Payment Gateway: As our lives are getting busier, every parent wishes that they could pay their kids fee online. So, online fee payment integration becomes a necessity at this point. This offers convenience to the parents and makes fee management process easy on the school's part.
  • Transport Tracking System: No doubt, implementing a GPS tracking system in school buses for students security is a good idea. But how about your school management software already integrates the GPS tracker with your school ERP software? Yes, software like jiSchoolERP lets you do that and makes it easy to track the buses and keep a check on the students pick up and drop details.
  • Tally Integration: As most of the schools use tally as their accounting software, it becomes essential that the school ERP software integrates with the tally. This will make it easy for the school administration to migrate and manage all the financial transactions from the school ERP system into the tally. 
  • Mobile App Integration: To smoothen the communication amongst the teachers, school administration, parents, and the teachers, it is important to have an app to share all the relevant information and access it even outside the school.

Wrapping Up

It's time that you try benefitting from the latest trends and updates technology has brought in the education sector. Switching to the automated platform for managing school tasks will simply enhance the students, parents, and teachers experience too and will make learning fun for the students. So, waste no more time and become a part of School ERP system. Have any questions? Get in touch with us at anytime. Our team would be glad to hear from you.