In every school, may it be it is a startup school or a school with huge strength, the admission period has been such a tedious task which demands a huge staff engagement, efforts, time, cost, and resources. Isn’t it? And during this peak session, if you fail to convince the parents, then you might end up with fewer new admissions in the coming session. At this point, it becomes necessary to manage your admission criteria accurately and streamline your admission operations in order to attain desired outputs.

How a school management system can automate the admission process?

However, with the introduction of school management software, it has become easy to handle your admission process effectively and manage the complete admission system without any hassle and burden. As the operations get operated over an automated platform, your customers receive the desired results and help you in uplifting your school’s reputation. Therefore, delivering the accurate results for the users, and hassle-free management for the school administration and staff. Want to know more about the advantages offered by an admission management system for your school? Let us explore more about it!

Top benefits of managing admissions via a school management system

  • Streamline admission process workflow: The first reason to implement admission management system is streamlining the workflow of your admission process. It would automate the complete admission process while eliminating the possibilities of human errors.
  • Managing online admission enquiries: Most of the schools and institutes have registration or enquiry form over their websites. But hardly any of them are able to provide instant response to the users. And during the peak time of admissions, it's difficult to respond to every query manually. However, implementing admission management system lets you automate the complete process.
  • Applicant status tracking: Once a parent or a student submits a registration form on your website, he must be guided further of the entire process. Also, he must be able to view the status of his form and get a quick update instead of visiting the school in person. Offering automated information and updates would help the parents save their time and gain interest in your school as well.
  • Accurate applicant evaluation: Using admission management system will not only simplify the admission process for the users, but it does make it simpler for the school administration to identify the right and suitable students which are applicable as per the school’s admission criteria.
  • Payment processing: Having trouble while sending reminders about fee submission dates, late fee reminders to the parents or students? This has been one of the common problem faced by school administrators. Going for an admission management system let you send automated reminders to all the parents or students and keep them updated in advance.
  • Chatbot for clearing queries: Introducing the feature of chatbot makes schooling process more transparent and clear. Instead of making calls to the school, students and parents can text at any time and get their queries cleared almost instantly. All this can be possible only if we go for an effective admission management system.
  • Going paperless: Instead of maintaining bundles of records of parents who reached for admission queries, students who have recently joined the school, and other details over paper files will simply make the process complex for you. Managing these records over an automated platform keeps you stay out of the hassle and offer you accurate results.

How jiSchoolERP can assist your school

The digital era has outdated the manual processing and demands faster and accurate operations. To stay within the race, it becomes necessary that you find a reliable school management solution which can cater to all your school needs. jiSchoolERP is one such ideal school management system which streamlines all the school operations and makes schooling fun, reliable, and easy for you. So, waste no more time and get in touch with our team to make your school stand unique out of other competitors.