We have previously spoken widely on how a good school management software can help with students, teachers, parents, and non-educations staff to achieve their scholarly and professional goals. However, what about schools with various centers and branches? From two branches in the same city to be the sole institution of repute in a remote station, having a school management software that cannot handle the complexities of numerous schools is a useful weapon in any administrator's armory.

Each institution's procedures are unique, from finances to class management. A powerful school management system is one that can adaptably adjust to these changing processes. However, on account of numerous schools under the aegis of one institution, a good multi-school ERP software is one that can bring some consistency to the processes across each school. This makes across the board management significantly simpler. So what sets school management systems like jiSchoolERP apart?

Here are the key features you must look for when looking for the right multi-school ERP software.

Features of multi-school management solution

  • Versatility: A second characterizing factor is a flexibility. A good multi-school ERP software will be able to deal with the miniaturized scale changes in accordance to be made to different procedures from school to school like need-based fee adjustments for students with special requirements. However, at the day's end, your multi-school ERP should create a standardized output for the user to parse. The ability to deal with scale while still accounting for flexibility is an uncommon quality for any multi-school ERP to have. jiSchoolERP being an open source product makes it all the more effectively customizable to your school's needs.

  • Robustness: A third characterizing highlight is a robustness. Amid peak times like admissions and onboarding or school fee processing, your multi-school ERP software must help facilitate the pressure not slow things down. A multi-school ERP software that as often as possible times out on a task or neglects to be dexterous is a liability for a school, not a benefit. This is the place the ethics that jiSchoolERP is based on come into play. The fact that the platform is open source and has a solid support team backing it up is what keeps this multi-school ERP software up and running where its rivals come up short.

  • Scale: One of the characterizing features of a good multi-school ERP software is its ability to deal with scale. This implies your multi-school ERP software should be able to have the ability to handle everything from payroll for teachers and staff with differing salary across all your schools, down to dormitory assignment details across all hostels. A good multi-school ERP software will have the ability to deal with the sheer volume of running processes quickly and consistently without glitches.

jiSchoolERP comes with a useful feature that allows you to rebrand your platform to show customized branding elements for each institution. Below given are the advantages of jiSchoolERP for multi-school management.

  • Choose SMS settings as well as email settings easily for all the institutions in your group without the hassle of setting them up separately for every institution.
  • Involve more admins at different levels by allocating accessibility to the jiSchoolERP accounts panel.
  • Easily configure online payment options for independent as well as a group of institutions.
  • One dashboard to manage and track all your institutions.
  • Track what you want, when you want, how you want.

It is not only the great features jiSchoolERP offers to its clients. It is additionally the moral duty it has made to the education and education technology field, by offering its basic product as open source, while also supporting this commitment with their pledge to provide help to clients of the product. All this over the way that jiSchoolERP is so adaptable, it tends to be utilized in a huge number of settings to cater to a wide range of requirements.