Have you ever faced data losses or the data being hacked? If not, good enough! While experiencing your data being hacked is such a pain and it becomes near to impossible while recovering back. Isn't it? And when the case is a school, we just can't take a risk of compromising the student and school data as it has the most important information including the students and staff personal details, account details, health details, and whatnot.

As per a survey, it was recorded that the education industry accounted for 13% of data breaches which nearly equals to a loss of 32 million data records.

Putting this sensitive data into the hand of hackers would be a big mistake we could ever commit. As the educational industry is being targeted at every moment, it’s high time that we become aware of all the possible data attacks, sources, and the ways to fight them back. Isn’t it? So, let us get a quick overview of all the possible form of cybersecurity data attacks which might harm your school functioning.

The most common cybersecurity attacks:

  • Phishing: Phishing emails are those messages which seem to be received from some trustworthy and popular websites which try to fetch the account details by asking the recipient to send them the details. Once the user sends his account details, the hackers can easily get an access to the user accounts and get you in trouble. 
  • Ransomware: The education industry has been targeted by ransomware attacks at a rate of 13 per cent and has experienced huge losses as a result of this. The ransomware enters your network and encrypts your data. It further asks you to pay a defined amount in order to decrypt the files and view your data back. Ransomware can enter your network in the form of emails, attachments, or other links.
  • DDoS attacks: DDoS(Distributed denial of services) attacks your network by flooding a huge traffic into your network and resulting in slowing down the system or even a system crash. As a result, the staff and students won't be able to access the network for quite a long time.   

Creating a cyber aware culture

Apart from this, the basic reasons for data threats might include 2 reasons. First, limited IT resources in your school. If your school doesn't have security solutions to safeguard data or keep data safe over cloud and maintains data manually, then you are in a big trouble. With the ever growing demands in the industry, managing things manually will not be acceptable. So, there seems an urgent need to upgrade it to a whole new level which can manage data automatically.

Second, lack of knowledge and skills in your IT staff can also result in data attacks to a certain extent. There is an urgent need to make your staff aware about the cybersecurity and other major data threats about how to deal with it and stay aware of it. Carrying out regular updates on the applications and services you are using is one such critical step towards safeguarding your network.

How jiSchool ERP handles these issues smartly!

If you feel your school lacks while security is considered, take an immediate action to safeguard your data. jiSchoolERP is one such ideal school management software which lets you perform all the school-related tasks on a safe and reliable platform. So, get in touch with us at any time and enjoy our services at the most affordable prices. Safeguarding your data is our foremost priority!