All of us still remember the school days when the teacher shouted our names again and again while marking the attendance. Isn’t it? And this resulted in an irritating and a time-consuming task for the teachers, as well as the students. And as we grew many students did try manipulating the attendance of absent students in many ways. But gone are those days now, the technology revolution has taken over the traditional way of school management with the introduction of attendance management module.

What is an attendance management system?

Majority of the schools have upgraded their usual way of task handling to a system which can tackle all the tasks accurately and smoothly over a reliable platform. And one of the most beneficial features under school management software is the attendance module. The attendance module simply eliminates the manual way of marking attendance and replaces it with a system which manages students and staff attendance accurately. Want to know more about the attendance management system about how it will benefit your school?

Here’s a list of most beneficial advantages an attendance management module can offer your school!

  • More Accuracy: Managing attendance records manually gives an open invitation to mistakes and errors. And this is a common problem as the teachers have to handle the class and start with their academics soon after marking the attendance. Switching to automated attendance marking would offer you error-free and accurate attendance records to maintain a clear record of each and every student.
  • Quick attendance marking: Marking attendance on a sheet of papers has always been a time-consuming task and carries along a lot of hassle. Marking the attendance over an automated platform will save the teacher's time and at the same time can be consumed to cover up the syllabus of the class and focus on their academics.
  • Automated reports: During parent-teacher meetings, the staff already has a lot to do. And managing the attendance records of each and every student becomes a difficult task at that moment. Automated reports generated by the attendance management system would be quiet helpful at this point as it will present the desired students complete attendance reports just in a click. Moreover, school management solution like jiSchoolERP helps you to categorize the attendance reports either class-wise, section-wise, or on the basis of an academic year.
  • Staff attendance: Apart from managing the student's attendance, you can easily manage and track the staff attendance too. You can anytime track the attendance department-wise and keep a clear record of which all staff members were on leave and for how many days. Managing this manually had never been possible and accurate without an automated attendance system.
  • Awareness for parents: Implementing the automated attendance management system on your school campus will help you to send regular alerts and messages to the parents about their child’s daily attendance. This will help the parents to keep a check on their wards attendance whether they are attending the school on a daily basis or not.

If your school is still managing daily tasks over the traditional and manual methods, then it’s high time that you make a switch to a suitable school management system. Take enough time and look up for the best vendor. Still have any questions? Contact us anytime and get assistance from our team of experts!