As the name might suggest, a document manager is a component or a module that aides in dealing with the institutional documents. Whether it is a presentation, official records, fee receipts, documentation is unavoidable in an educational institution. These can range from a student's homework task waiting up to be graded by a teacher to confidential report cards being archived for posterity. Most students, teachers, and administrators are progressively moving away from older filing systems and pen and paper documentation to electronic documentation.

Adapting to change and moving towards the digital form of this necessary process is the first step towards greater transparency and responsibility.

The Advantages of Document Management in a SchoolERP

Greater Accessibility: We are all moving in the direction of building a more accessible world. Students have different requirements and instead of expecting that every one of them should fit in with the rigid and archaic processes, why not grasp assistive technology in a meaningful way? Document managers help students to access study materials that may have been out of reach. Electronic documents are now easily processed by text to speech programs, image readers for the visually challenged, or even the individuals who utilize assistive devices to read. 

Your school ERP system does not just cater to a few students, but every student, enabling them to maximize their potential and create the kind of world we all can thrive in.

Environmental Friendly: Environmental science classes in school keep us very much educated about the perishing of our world's environment, a major segment of this is that we consume and discard paper at an alarming rate. Going paperless is, therefore, kinder to our environment. A school ERP system is a major aid in this regard since it digitizes numerous procedures including the increased utilization of electronic documents over paper ones.

Easier Processing: At the point when document management is integrated with your school ERP system it means all-around easier processing. Whether it is filling in of admission forms, issuance of certificates for leaving or transfer, or even sharing of evaluations and report cards these procedures do not require the utilization of documents in the physical world. Rather, your school ERP system's document manager handles all of these effortlessly.

Why Integrate Document Managers into the School Management System?

Why not simply utilize existing document managers? What is the purpose of incorporating it into your school ERP system? A simple reason is that it bodes well on numerous fronts from the ease of access to security. Having a secure platform through which multiple persons can access relevant documents in a profitable manner is a boon to any school. Also, a school ERP system makes this possible in the most effortless way.

How can jiSchoolERP assist?

Once you know the advantages of a document manager integration into your school ERP system, using jiSchoolERP helps you truly maximize the use of a document manager for all your school needs, whether you are a student, teacher, management or non-educational. Get in touch to get a free demo.