Towards the beginning of each academic year, one of the premier responsibilities of every school management is to make a timetable for the students. As simple as this task sounds, in reality, it can be a complex challenge as the teachers need to juggle the learning needs of the students with the availability of the teachers across all the standards of the school.

Furthermore, while doing this, the teachers also should guarantee that the students do not find the day too exhausting or boring, subsequently making an adjusted daily plan for the students of the school. This timetable is normally prepared manually and can be a frustrating and highly time-consuming task for the teachers. However, over the past few years technology has consistently come to the aid of school with school management software.

Today many school management systems offer a timetable management module which enables teachers to make an efficient and effective timetable for schools. Let us look at the benefits of utilizing a timetable management system in schools and other educational institutes.

  • Saves Time and Effort: This is maybe of one the greatest advantages of digitizing the school towards utilizing a timetable management system. As already stated, making a timetable can be a complex task. However, the use of technology can make the task simpler, as well as completed in a lesser time. The teachers simply enter the information and the artificial intelligence of the school management software would automatically create the timetable assigning teachers to the students and guaranteeing the ideal and optimum utilization of all resources and school infrastructure such as laboratory hours, play time, library periods etc.
  • Creating a Paperless Environment: Dealing with a school naturally implies managing a perpetual measure of paperwork and after that dealing with those records, saving them and keeping them safe for the years to come. However, the use of a timetable management software guarantees that all the paperwork gets stored digitally. With its simple and user-friendly interface schools can now simply save all the classroom timetables for quite a long time to come. The cloud system guarantees that this data can be accessed to securely from any location, and the school can safely go paper-free.
  • Easy Calculation on Payroll: The timetable management software can also be utilized to calculate the number of hours every teacher spent teaching the classroom, the number of days worked and the absent days. In a manual system, calculating this can be a long-drawn process which is inclined to mistakes and miscalculations. However, with the assistance of the timetable management module in the school management software, a similar procedure changes into a problem free one. This makes it simple to calculate the payroll for the teachers.
  • Reduces Error: Any manual system is subject to human errors. However, utilizing the automatic timetable management system guarantees that there is an insignificant possibility for error. Furthermore, there is a blunder in the input of data, the same can be amended within minutes, with the simple press of a button. For the school that has different standards of classes, with many class division, this error-free technique for making a timetable can turn out to be a shelter.
  • Secure and User-Friendly: An eminent advantage of utilizing technology to make your school timetable is that is easy to understand and can be utilized by anybody with insignificant information about computers. It can be utilized with no confusion. While being easy to operate technology, the timetable management software is also exceptionally secure and guarantees that all the safe school information is kept secure, with access to just those with prior authorization.
  • Smooth Integration Into the School Calendar: The timetable management system can flawlessly get integrated into the online school calendar. This guarantees on days of special occasions, like half days, exams, a substitute timetable is automatically created to convey to the students and teachers. It guarantees that there are no conflicts or clashes with school occasions and that the school can work in a consistent way.

The beginning of each academic year is loaded up with tumult as the school needs to think about different tasks that need to be finished in an effective way. Creating a timetable is one of those tasks that is vital to the everyday working of the school. However, a wrongly prepared timetable can lead to complete chaos for the students and teachers. In a technologically driven world, the utilization of a timetable management system offers a large group of advantages to the school guaranteeing that the school functions in a consistent way with no pointless challenges or complexities.