The updates in the recent technology have totally transformed the way of learning and teaching. Students no more note down their timetables in the diaries, rather they get updated timetables on their school app via their accounts. This all was possible due to the introduction of smart tools and school management software which led to an enhanced form of learning.

Benefits of introducing chatbots

Learning is made fun and interesting with the latest updates including chatbots and artificial intelligence. Introducing chatbots have made students interaction far better, clearer, and easier as compared to the earlier ways. Chatbots will enhance the education sector in a way we can't imagine of. Majority of the schools are looking forward to getting chatbot implemented into their campus for a better experience. And if you are planning to try it out, then this blog is worth reading for you.

We have prepared a list of benefits you'll experience while getting chatbot added into your school management system. Get a closer view and benefit from it at the earliest!

  • Enhanced learning experience: Chatbot will enhance the learning experience of students by analyzing their response and reaction towards their learning experience. Accordingly, chatbots will divide a lecture into a set of multiple messages which gets displayed in the form of a chat conversation. Depending on the previous experience with the student, chatbot will present the next session accordingly.
  • Class scheduling: Chatbots will now smartly schedule classes for students as according to their availability. This would directly allow the students to plan their future schedules in advance as per their preferences over the scheduled classes.
  • Automated tutoring: Chatbot would save the time of teachers and students as well. Want to know how? Every student can't go for personal tutoring, right? Neither the teachers have enough time to do so. Chatbot will automate the process of tutoring and give away automated lectures which will help out teachers to avoid repeating the same topics over and again. Thereby, students will get an instant and accurate response to their doubts and queries.
  • Assignments: Having a pressure of submitting a number of assignments on time is quite a burdensome task for students to manage all of them in one go. Chatbots will allow the students to record all the assignments and their submission dates. Thereby setting up reminders of submission dates and preparing assignments in advance before the deadline arrives.
  • Feedbacks: Sharing feedbacks seems beneficial on both the ends, student, and teacher both. Giving feedback about the teachers would make a clear view about which all fields do the teachers need to focus more. Similarly giving students feedback would help the students in identifying in which all subjects do they need to work hard. Chatbots would allow the students to give away the feedback quickly by asking certain questions on a form and will analyze accordingly for better results.

How jiSchoolERP can help you!

The students already spend most of their time on online platforms so chatbot would be the perfect idea to enhance their learning experience. And by now, even you would be planning to get it done for your school. Right? We have a one-stop solution for you which can tackle all your requirements in one go. jiSchoolERP manages all your daily school tasks and makes schooling fun and easy. Get free demo sessions from us and enjoy the reliable services. For more details and queries, you can contact us. Our team would be glad to hear from you! Happy schooling!