Have you ever wondered that when every shopping store is available online these days, then why not schools? Yes, with the advancement in the technology, we have experienced automation in every field. Then why not schools! Having an online presence is a must these days. Our generation is busy over the online world that they are not going to physically approach the school and ask for the services you are offering.

So, if you are planning to upgrade your school reputation and build a unique place in the industry, then this blog is definitely worth reading for you! Here we have presented a list of benefits a school management software will offer you in enhancing your school’s online presence!

  • Personalization: All the parents and guardians would visit your website to look up for documents and other information like school prospectus, facilities offered by the school, about school campus, fee structure, extra co-curricular activities, etc. So, it becomes essential to maintain a wonderful website which can attract the parents and make them realize that they have reached the right place.
  • Online applications: While you get a school management software integrated with your system, you can easily offer the facility of online registration forms. Parents can fill the registration forms online for admissions and it would be such a relief as they don't have to physically make a visit to the school just to fill up an admission form.
  • Timetable Scheduling: Having an online presence comes with endless benefits for the students too. Getting real-time and recent updates about their timetables would present them a clear view of their weekly and monthly schedules in advance itself.
  • Assessments: Carrying out the monthly performance and creating the evaluation sheet of every student is difficult to share with the students and their parents. So, it becomes easy if we share all the details over an online platform and keep the students updated about their performance.
  • Projects & assignments: Announcing the project submission dates, examination dates, seating plan, and other necessary information can't be delivered correctly and completely to all the students as some of the students are absent. Having an online presence lets you share all the details via the online platform which the students can check anytime, anywhere without any confusion.
  •  Blogs: To stay updated with the competition out in the market, it becomes essential to share the latest updates and blogs about your schools. This will gain a trust amongst the parents and make them satisfied with their choice.
  • Social media: As every third person out of four has multiple social media accounts, it becomes necessary for you to share recent updates and other criteria over the social media to gain the spotlight of the public. More the posts will be shared, more attention you'll get from the customers and this will directly help in more sales.
  • Search-engine friendly: Creating a website with perfect designing is not the end of your job! Is your website easy to search when you google it? Does your website support all the browsers or not? You must consider these points and get it done immediately. Nobody loves complications, rather if your website will be easy to look up, they'll make a switch.
  • Security: As the people will get registered and enter their information while filling up online forms, it becomes necessary to safeguard their data. Make sure the data is securely kept over the software and isn't visible to the public by any means.

How jiSchoolERP can assist you?

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