As the technology has widened its branches worldwide, so as the educational sector has developed. Totally eliminating the chalk duster concept and huge piles of files and folders to manage records to a level where everything is handled over an online automated platform. A software which offers you reliable, time-saving, secure, cost-effective, and error-free services. This all became possible just because of the school management software which is widely deployed in most of the schools these days.

Looking for the best software out of all available in the market and getting it deployed correctly in your school campus is simply a worthy idea. Obviously, your management team, accounts team, and the principal is going to benefit a lot from this solution. But is that all a school management software benefits to? No. It has a wide reach by benefiting not only the management, but the staff members and teachers, students, and the parents too. Can’t believe it, right?

Let’s have a brief look about who all will benefit from a school management software and in what all ways.



1. Fee deposit records: Unlike the manual way of managing fee collection records, the software provides an automated platform to manage all the fee-related tasks like fee deposit details, pending fee details, installment details, etc which are saved in its database and can be searched anytime without any hassle.

2. Data security: Complete data records of each and every task carried out in the school campus is saved over the server’s database, which means no chances of data loss. You get an automated and complete backup to recover your lost data anytime, anywhere.

3. Easy data & tasks management: Instead of collecting the huge pile of folders and files, maintaining large cupboards and engaging a huge staff for it, the software ends it all. It manages, stores analyzes all the tasks carried out on the campus in an error-free environment.

4. Saving time: No more searching for a data record in the huge bundle of files. Eliminating the complications, the software offers you a platform where you can search the desired file and get it in seconds. Thereby, saving your time and making the management easy.

5. Budget-friendly Services: Removing the paperwork used up in printing question papers, answer sheets, files, data record folders totally out of the process. Transforming it into an online platform which safeguards all your data and information.



1. Attendance: Marking the attendance of around 30 students at a time on a register is just outdated now. Just because this is killing your time and students time. Instead, mark the attendance over the software where you will save your time plus it gives zero chances of mistakes.

2. Performance analysis: Preparing a thorough performance report of each and every student is just not possible manually and generally teachers ignore doing it. But the software makes an automated and a thorough performance report of all the students in an accurate manner.

3. Examination: Managing the question papers, arranging the answer sheets class-wise, and then keeping them differentiated so that they don’t mix up is difficult to manage in a school where there are thousands of students. The software simply manages all of them in an easy manner. Simply enter the desired class or section in the panel and get the instant results.



Progress tracking: Keeping a check over your kid’s academics is necessary and taking out time from the schedule is difficult. The software offers a brief automated report of your kid’s progress subject-wise defining his progress and the fields where he/she is lacking and needs improvement.

Feedback: Depending on the reports you receive, it becomes easy to get the record about in which subject child needs more focus and improvement. You can simply give feedback and interact with the teachers to discuss the same and work on it.

Alerts & notifications: Getting an advance calendar of the upcoming events, holidays, sports activities, fests, and other functions, would be a relief for parents. They can plan everything accordingly and manage their schedule with their child.



Notes & study material: Students can simply rely on the software as they’ll get the latest notes, assignments, holiday homework and other important study material over the online platform. So, removing the hand-written work and saving their time.

Advanced updates: Students will get the information about the examinations, assignments, and project submission dates over the panel which helps them for pre-planning their schedule for the exams preparation and manage time accordingly.

Communication: Mostly students feel shy clearing doubts with the teacher in the classroom or either the teachers are busy that the students don’t approach the teachers. So, they can simply interact with the teacher over the panel and get their queries clarified.


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Happy Schooling!