In a college, school, or any other educational institution, every semester or year a new crowd and students are expected. With the manual handling of admissions, it takes a lot of time to process the inquiry, handle data, and more. There is no traceability, and the results are also less accurate.

With the integration of an online admission management system, the entire process is automated, and handling becomes much easy. It has proved to be a blessing for the schools and institutes that streamlines the complicated admission-related tasks and makes it faster.

Here is a blog that helps you understand how the student admission management system helps and brings more efficiency to the schools. 

What is an Online Admission Management System?

The ultimate goal of the school is to have the maximum number of students and, it can only be smoothened with the online admission management system. It acts as a tool that helps bring your admission processes online and makes it more streamlined while offering better facilities to students and the administration.

It allows students to automatically apply for the job role, and submit their queries and documents online while paying the fee on time. The platform keeps track as and when a student applies, processes the application further, and allows easy access to all the details. It has many other features like marketing, administration, handling communication, accounts, and more. With a smooth admission process, schools are sure to flourish. 

Admission Management System offers a helping hand

1. Collects student inquiries from sources

It is not only the traditional sources that you can generate leads. You can enjoy amazing leads from social media and websites, and there are many other sources as well. It becomes difficult to collect and follow up on them if you do not have an efficient system in place. Therefore, with the help of the admission management system, it becomes much easy.

2. Track student journey

Although student enrollment matters, keeping a track of their journey is crucial, and assisting them at every step helps. With a student admission system, you can view the application's history and its interactions. There will be a consolidated view of the applicant’s history, and there is an increased resolution rate. Moreover, it allows the applicants to check their status in real time.

3. Portals for students and counselors

With the integration of an efficient student management system, you streamline the interactions of counselors and students. They can assist children with the process and make their journey easy. With the friendly user interface and help, there are higher chances for the students to complete the admission process in time. 

  • It allows filling students the form at their own pace and convenience.
  • Select the appropriate course
  • Pay the application fee
  • Schedule the screening and interviews
  • Easy engagement with the counselors

4. Advanced Analytics

In the end, what helps you bring more candidates and admissions is reliable analytics. Advanced analytics helps you take insights and offers a customizable dashboard for easy tracking and records. It helps redefine your goals and strategies while helping you invest more in the platforms that are helping you generate leads. Say, for example, LinkedIn is not bringing you enough lead, you can try some other source!


There is a drastic shift in the admission process! The traditional culture of standing in long queues for admission is now replaced with online admissions. And jiSchoolERP aims to digitize the admission process. Time to streamline the complete admission process with us!