Since the pandemic in 2019, schools and institutes were shut down, thus creating a requirement for efficient e-learning. As per research, globally 1.2 billion children were cut off from the classrooms.

As a result, organizations began changing dramatically, there is a rise in e-learning, and teaching has become more streamlined and secure on digital platforms. Technology-based innovations are making the process faster and secure with ease.

Cloud-based ERP solutions came much in demand with the robust features it has been offering. Here is a brief introduction to an efficient school management software solution and how it is efficiently changing the current education scenario.

E-learning: The future of schools and institutes

E-learning software in today’s time is one of the most efficient software that streamlines the process and carries forward the learning and teaching capabilities among them. Whether the students want to carry out in form of videos, audio, or any other format, it offers the appropriate option.

There are smooth communication between the parents, teachers, and students no matter where they are. Teachers can assign lectures, assignments/quizzes, and with the smart notification option students are notified on the same. It leads to enhanced productivity, there is efficient management, and it ultimately makes jiSchoolERP the appropriate solution.

Boosting learning capability with school management

1. It connects educators and learners

While sitting at your home, students can connect with their favorite teachers, clear their doubts, attend their lectures, and whatnot. School ERP has proved to be a boon for the students and teachers that offers them advanced teaching and, for the students learning experience.

Students no longer had to wait for the school to reopen and could continue their education while connecting with educators and continuing learning. Thanks to the advanced tools that allow things to be done smartly.

2. Seamless communication between parents, teachers, student

Parents, teachers, and student communication is streamlined with the implementation of ERP. It enables a multifaceted interaction between them, which is crucial for the child's growth. The parents can stay updated on what their child is doing in the school with a better understanding of the student’s behavior.

3. Hassle and error-free assignment completion

With the implementation of e-learning solutions, you can conduct online quizzes, assignments, and more. It allows the teachers to prepare questions, allocate the marks, decide whether it is subjective or objective, and track their progress in real-time, no matter if the student is using a laptop, desktop, or tab.

There is hassle-free management of the examinations and assignments with advanced functionalities to reduce all your worries. Implementing the cloud-based ERP solution is what every organization or school should go for.

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Overcome all challenges with digitized learning!

Smart e-learning ensures that you can seamlessly learn from anywhere and anytime. Also, if the students miss the classes, you can attend them anytime.

jiSchoolERP is a professional and result-oriented approach that offers customized solutions and support while streamlining the e-learning process!