ERP software solutions prove to be the most beneficial option when you want to depict student performance. It helps them analyze their progress, identify the areas where they lack, and ensure that students can meet all their educational goals, long-term and short-term.

There may be multiple ways available that help analyzes the student performance, including examinations, parent-teacher meet, and homework assignments that guide students accordingly. But the School ERP is one of the automated tools that institutes integrate to streamline the operations and analyze the student’s performance.

School ERP has intense functioning that provides a space for the students to grow while allowing parents and teachers to keep track of them. There are plenty of features a School ERP can have that help measure their progress, and here is a complete list.

Features that help enable student performance analysis

There are plenty of features an ERP can have that enable student performance analysis. Here is a complete list.

1. Manages all your assignments

Assignments are the most crucial part of your academic life and can impact the differences in a student's life. When it comes to tracking and analyzing student performance, school ERP has an assignment management system that makes it much easier to handle and store all your assignments. So release the stress of teachers by offering them the ultimate solution for their assignment management. Teachers can check the student assignments at a regular interval this way.

2. Online Examination Modules

Exams are the most important part of learning management that helps bring out the best in students. School Management ERP has an intuitive examination management module where the users can set examinations via ERP software. The module provides examination records and keeps parents, teachers, and everyone in the loop.

3. Error free online attendance

Attendance is one of the best measures that would help you know how punctual the students are and leads to their progress. Integrating RFID scanners or tagging systems will help keep a track record of the online attendance of the student automatically without any errors. The very first thing here that a student needs to do is attend regular classes that will automatically boost their learning capability.

4. Manage Tasks with ease

Managing the tasks is one of the most difficult tasks that students and teachers face, and here comes the role of education management ERP that streamlines the process of task management. An efficient ERP has task-management features that allow teachers to automatically assign the tasks to students and for the students to upload the documents and progress in the task management module.

5. Report Generation

A school ERP has an intuitive report generation module that will help analyze the performance of students and their progress. With the report generation module, you can create all the reports for students, teachers, and employees and determine their progress.



Student Performance Analysis is one of the crucial aspects that address all the needs and fulfills their progress needs. We highly believe that evaluation is important, and students can grow with the integration of the right school management ERP solution. Connect with us for more details on the same!