School Management ERP is the robust and most comprehensive solution that is used by schools and institutes of all sizes to streamline school operations. Whether it is about exams, inventory, fee management or more, the ERP solutions streamline the entire administration tasks. Online ERP solutions have already been implemented in schools, but the number continues to rise since last year because of the pandemic outbreak.

The educational institute's main role is to teach children most effectively, but the pandemic has caused a major disruption. As the children are pursuing online classes to climb up the grades, the examinations play a critical role. Remote learning has made it difficult to conduct exams seamlessly, but thanks to the School Management ERP software that has made this process effortless.

Online/Offline examination management features are now been used by educational institutes and schools to conduct the exams efficiently and hassle-free. What is the difference between online/offline examination management? Let us understand it in details

Online Exam Management System

As the name says online, these exams are conducted remotely. The exam schedule, date, and time are sent to the student and the exam are conducted. The reports are generated online itself and the performance of the candidate can be viewed. 

Offline Exam Management System

This system allows the exams to be scheduled offline only. The exam sheets can be printed and sent to the students. The exams are conducted offline on paper.

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Benefits of Offline/Online Exams in a Student Management System

Thinking why Online/Offline examination management feature is a must? Here are the most important benefits you must know:

1. Easy Operation for Teachers

The feature helps to save most of the time of the teachers as all the different examination duties are performed and automated. The exam scores can be figured out instantly without any errors. It has become the need of the hour especially during the outbreak, where the examinations are conducted online. 

With the school management ERP solution, the students can easily conduct the examination, update their mark sheet, the scorecard. It can be seen online by the students and parents.

2. Detailed Report Generation

The online School Management Solution comes with a detailed report and information focusing on quality and quantity. With so many students, it becomes difficult to check the progress of each student manually. So ERP solutions come to the rescue. The details of each student can be managed and generated online. The parents, staff, teachers can have the access to the reports. The process is automated and therefore the efforts are reduced.

3. Storage of Data 

The data and information of all the students need to be well maintained. They must have a system that helps them store huge amounts of data in a secured manner. The school management ERP stores and secures the information of the students so that no information is leaked. Only the people with the access can check and access it.  

4. Better Accessibility for Students

The online school management system helps the students to conduct the exams from a remote location. Just a laptop/mobile and Internet access is required that allows the students to proceed with the studies even during the hard times. 

As the situation is getting worse and the education of the students is getting affected, the ERP solutions are here for your rescue. The schools are being transformed to the online system and the exam management system is the way forward to helping the children.

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