ERP is known as enterprise resource planning software which is a set of programs specially designed to manage all the tasks effectively at one time. It is known as a business process management software that manages all company's financials, supply chain, manufacturing, operations, reporting, and human resource activities. 

The ERP system also helps the schools in creating new standards, and in generating accurate reports that help us in making more informed decisions. The latest scenario of the ERP software solution and its increasing demand in the schools tend to evolve the tool and defines how the tool will benefit within the future.

Nowadays, if you want a successful business and want to save your time, you surely need a school ERP software. As you know that no matter how much paper you used to store your school data, it would never be safe enough. For safety purposes also you need the school ERP software. 

Why school management system is important?

1. Easy Attendance Management

Calm your everyday attendance anxiety. Get your attendance record in just a few clicks. This software equips your teachers with this easy-to-use tool for taking daily attendance online. 

Recording and reviewing students' attendance records is just one of the main features of the school management system. This system helps you to create various attendance reports per class, section, students and many other variables for the whole term.

Moreover, this system also helps the parents to have an eye on their children. This system is equipped with the SMS feature that notifies parents if their children are absent or present. It will make the students think twice to skip class.

2. Homework Management

It is a platform where homework is easily managed. Students can download, upload, complete the assignments, and their projects.

Customization and integration are available in the system. Students can experience the integration of color, pictures, videos, or other attachments. 

Teachers can post homework or assignments to students of their class and provide necessary documents for reference. Students can see the homework assigned to them online through the medium of their desk and refer to the reference documents uploaded by the teacher.

3. Superior Exam Management

Exam management is one of the important features of ERP. The exam schedule is a time-consuming job and requires much planning. Also, exam seating arrangement has to be made along with invigilation duties to be set during the exam. 

The software helps in scheduling exams making sitting arrangements effortlessly and easily. Here we need just a few clicks in the scheduling of exams with cloning facility similar exam structure can be implemented in all standards.

It creates proper sitting arrangements for the students during the exam in different classrooms. It manages exam timings and defines maximum marks and grades for different types of exams and defines exams for different subjects in different standards and allocates them.

This system stores everything in one database which can be viewed by the parents as well. Moreover, it provides report generation which calculates all aspects of grading automatically. 

4. Fee Payment Effortlessly

Let's choose the smarter way for the payment of the fee with the school ERP software.

The system provides a platform to do payments online. At the beginning of the semester, usually, the bank is packed with parents or students who are cute to get a turn to pay the school tuition but now you don't have to worry about it.

In today's busy life educating a child is more like a task and paying fees of a child by waiting in a line and taking care of all the recedes which we have paid is more time-consuming and is like an ancient method where there was no digitization. 

So to get rid of these types of problems the alternate method of cash payment is online fees payment, which you can do from the school ERP software. 

There are many more features of school ERP software:

  • Efficient staff management
  • Help in students admission
  • Track school vehicles 
  • effective communication

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The school management system is important because it will manage the school administration with its features. However, if you are not satisfied with your current system you can have a look at the features of school ERP software, it will surely satisfy you and help your business to grow more efficiently.