Student safety and school security is an important consideration for both the school organization and parents. 

While selecting a school for your kids, what do you consider first as the checkpoints and parameters? You might first observe the environment, culture, the best academic scenario, teachers, and so on. There also comes the safety measures, moreover, those measures are not only restricted within the school campus and the surrounding locality, but it continues to the transportation management too. 

The transport you use, unless it is not equipped with a proper tracking system, the chances of accidents and mishaps are possible. In the same vein, the school transportation management system lies.

Yes, Transportation Management! The Buses, vans, or any other mode in which your kid is going to and coming back from school. Concerning the gradual increase in crimes and mishaps, many school boards have already declared GPS in the transportation modes mandatory. 

The school transportation management system not only helps drivers to navigate from location to locations but being advanced as a mobile-friendly and tech-savvy tool, the system provides a lot of solutions. 

Considering the safety norms for school students, the software system helps in controlling transport operations efficiently and track transport runs daily for the safety of students. Also, it makes it accessible for the parents where their children have arrived/moved in the real-time updates.

Many people lack time and convenience to drop their children to school and so choose the bus or other transport facilities. Though the school premise itself relieves some twists where the parent believes that their child is secured within the walls of the school, it is the travel from between school and home that bugs them the most. 

In this way, the school transportation management system helps both the school and parents to ensure that their children are safe. 

Key Benefits Of School Transportation Management Software

Scheduling & Routing In Real-time 

Student's transportation must be charted out with utmost care and safety. That's how the school transportation tracking system completely analysis the time travelled, routes taken, tours completed, number of students, and all the other required information in real-time that allow the safety norms of school organization. 

Automatic Report Generation 

The software system is equipped with automated tools that access customized reports as per the vehicle's speed, changing routes, stops & stations, and time to reach particular locations. By all such customized reports and that too in real-time, parents get complete information about their children's route between school and home. 

Messages & Notifications 

To know all the child's whereabouts while they are in school transport, parents get alert messages and even notifications. These real-time messages and notifications reveal the transport’s route departure and coming time that is given to the parents and the transport head. 

Relaxation For Parents & School Heads 

The best benefit from this transportation tracking system is that with the complete assurance and safety concern, both parents and school heads are relaxed and don't get worried about their children's safety measures. 

Tracks Driver's Behaviour To Avoid Mishaps

This advanced tracking software system helps the parents and school heads to trace the driving habits and behaviour of the driver. It includes tracing of over speeding, rash driving, engine idle time running, sharp turns, infringing traffic rules, etc. By this, the safety concerns are ensured to both the parents and the school organization. 

In a Nutshell...

In addition to the above-discussed key benefits of the School Transportation Management System, the parents will also be able to keep a close watch the complete details of the transport fee of the students. Moreover, the software allows school management to hold a comprehensive record of vehicle numbers, vehicle type, driver details, attendant details, route details, stops, transportation fees, driver details, and students.

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