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Left Students

This module allows you to view all details of  students who has left the school , including their registration number , admission number, student’s name, gender, class, section, parent’s name, address, contact details, DOB, DOJ, and DOL . You can also view the leaving reason of the student  and the history of student on his profile , that in which class student leave the school .  Also you can search for students who has left school  in any particular duration .

If You Are Admin :- You can re-enroll any left student , add /exempt re-enrollment charges and also you can add the remarks to it . During the enrollment student will be given new admission and registration number , But you can view in student history that he was a left student and recently enrolled to a particular class . 

If you Are Principal or any other User :-  You are not authorized to re-enroll any left student in any case . But you can view the student  history that either he is a new student or an re-enrolled student. 

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