School Management Software

ERP school management software helps the school management, teachers and even students to work more dedicatedly and passionately to accomplish the assigned task effectively. This helps the school to remain more focused on delivering education, the only motto for running the school. There are many ERP school solutions. Among all, jiSchoolERP is the best ERP school management software. We have introduced the ERP school management software with the objective of offering a user-friendly and seamless way to manage various school management tasks.

jiSchoolERP the school management software helps in bringing parents, teachers, principles, and management on one single platform. It simplifies day to day tasks with ease thus helps the school management and teachers to focus more on the development and welfare of the students. The software has automated features that help the school management to track and manage school activities like library management, attendance tracking, exam assessment, online fee payment, salary. Also, it makes it easy for the management to update school teachers, students and parents to update about various events, reports and much more by generating automated SMS or Emails.

jiSchoolERP: The First Choice For ERP School Management Software

jiSchoolERP has unique and simplified features that help the school management to work on a single dedicated platform. The system is highly dedicated and organized, communicative & transparent, which makes it stand apart and above all other School ERP solutions. The key benefit of integrating our ERP school management software into your school is it saves money, time, labor and most important resources required for managing the school task.

The ERP software solution assists in monitoring all the administrative task of the school like managing classroom, maintaining and scheduling school calendar, maintaining an attendance record of teachers and school staff, sharing emails, SMS, messages and much more. Also, it makes it easy for the school's staff to handle the workload efficiently like managing student attendance, assessment, subject notes, class schedule, generating monthly reports. This reduces the stress level of the teachers and help them to focus more on performing their primary duty. The jiShcoolERP also proved to be helpful for students and help them to attain cognintive, locomotive and affective development. It also increases the involovement of parents in their child's educational programme and keep them updated of the child performance.

The jiSchoolERP software is available in affordable price, offers 24/7 great support, and is highly scalable and customizable school management system. All these features make it the most preferred choice among the users.

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