Frequently Asked Questions

jiSchoolERP is a School Management System that:

  • simplifies and standardize operational functions
  • ensures a systematic functioning
  • improves efficiency
  • reduces the reliance on paperwork
  • ensures complete accountability of money, materials, and activities
  • assists in taking faster decisions from accurate information

The price of the software depends on the strength of students in your school.

jiSchoolERP offers 24*7 online technical assistance to all its clients worldwide. All you need is an Internet connection.

jiSchoolERP functions as a complete package, so it is not possible to purchase a single/few module(s) and operate it. It has to be purchased and used as a complete package.

jiSchoolERP ensures a high level of data security to the institutions as per the industry standards. To get more details, click here.

Yes, jiSchoolERP supports multiple school management features, and therefore, you can manage your multiple school branches with a single account. Get an overview of all the features of jiSchoolERP here or watch the video.

jiSchoolERP does not limit the number of students to be used by a school. Therefore, you can manage an unlimited number of students in a school with jiSchoolERP.

Yes, being a cloud-based software, all the students' records and data kept forever and can recover anytime, in case it gets lost. 

While registering your school, you can upload the logo of your school which will be displayed as the logo of your school management software.

Yes, any hardware device like biometric for attendance can be integrated with jiSchoolERP.

The complete data of the school is backed up securely and can be easily accessed whenever required.

Yes, you can track the attendance of staff as well as students.

Yes, the students get automatically promoted to the next standard once the academic year is over.

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