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Welcome to JIschool ERP... This Dashboard module  gives you a glimpse of day to day updates like Fees collected, school branches count, students count , staff members,  classes and sections , TO-DO task which are performed or meant to be  perform  and also you can view the number of students who has inquired in your school for admissions and particularly the students who registered out of them  in a graphical form .  Along with this , it gives you an attribute to view the monthly fee transactions in graphical representation form which gives you an overview that how much fees is expected for a particular month and what amount you have received  .

It also  displays the recent activities accomplish  by admin. . By just opening the dashboard you get a brief Information about the activities been performed in school and you can review them all on just one click . Also you can view all the distinct features of the software on the left side with are easily acessible from your login panel . 

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