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Exam Records

1. To check the list of exam records, go to Examination>Records.

exam record

2. The next screen views you the complete list of all the existing examination records.

view record

3. To add a new examination record, click on '+' button and fill up the details. Click on 'Save' button.

add record

4. Now click on 'Add' button to manage settings of the added examination record.


5. Enter the required details along with the theory and practical marks of thst particular subject.


6. Now click on '+' button to view the marksheets. Select the sub-type and then click on 'Add' button to manage the marksheets. 


7. On the next screen you can add the marks obtained by each student in respective subjects.

add marksheet

8. Further, to view/print a particular student's marksheet or report card, go to Students>All Students. Click on the particular student for which you want to view the marksheet.

view marksheet

9. Now click on 'Marksheet'.

click marksheet

10. Now click on 'View' button. On the next screen you can print the marksheet and report card of that student.

print makrsheet

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