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Import File

The "Import File" option allows you to upload a file which comprises of a list of the complete details of all the students. The import file is totally dependent on the export file, so do make some students entries before you go for importing a file. You also get an option to search the complete student details session-wise from the column below.

NOTE: While you edit or modify the file, must keep the following points in mind:

1 Registration number and admission numbers must be unique from one another.

2 The registration number will accept only integer values, while admission number accepts integer and character (the school's code).

3 Admission type must be one out of the following- Regular, Inter Branch Shifted, Readmission, Explicit fee student, or Don't compare fee structure only. As the entry of this field is case-sensitive, make sure that the first alphabet of these words is in upper case. For eg- R in Regular must be in upper case.

4 Year/session must be in a format like 2018-2019, any other format will not be accepted. For more clarification, you can check the session format in Manage>Academic Year. Similarly, do for the classes and sections. Classes must be in the format as defined under Manage>Classes>Title and sections must be as per Manage>Sections>Title.

5 Date of birth, date of admission, and date of joining must be in the Year/Month/Date format.

6 For contact details, the phone number must contain 10  integers, while address accepts both, integers and characters.

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